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Must-See Museums: The Magic of the MIT Museum

Welcome to the first in a travel series detailing the museums I’ve visited. Meaning that when I am lucky enough to get to visit a museum, I’ll write about it here. And spoiler alert, The MIT Museum boggled my mind in the best way possible.


Welcome to Lunchtime Stories, a writing space for essays about life, love, writing, crippling insecurities, aging, introvert-ism, body issues, addiction, bad habits, good habits, health problems, and everything in between.

This blog was born out of the isolation of COVID-19. During this time, I started visiting with a neighbor when we realized our dogs made great playmates. I now consider these meetups an essential part of my day. As our dogs zoom around her yard, we usually talk about everything from the mundane to the meaningful.

Our time together is precious because it reminds me how vital is to connect and be connected to others— especially in an exceedingly virtual world.

My dream for Lunchtime Stories is that it becomes a place to find connection through the good, the bad, and the funny stories that, together, make us human.

Everyone has a lunchtime story. What’s yours?

Nikki Gamer is a Baltimore-based essayist and Maryland Writers’ Association member. When she is not writing, Nikki can be found wandering her local city parks with her two beloved dogs, Salem and Roland.